Next stop: Madrid!

Busy weeks, as I already had another travel. Now I spend some time in Madrid, the beautiful capital of Spain. Together with the people that will spread the Traffic Snake Game further in Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Portugal and Spain itself I tried some Gazpacho. This is a soup made of raw vegetables (lots of tomatoes) and served cold. Yummie! I visited a train station that huge plants, even trees inside the building and there were a lot of turtles in the water at that place! We also had a look at the statue of Don Quixote. Do you know him? It is a very old and famous story by Cervantes. Don Quixote thinks he’s a knight, just like in the days of old – he even has a squire. Of course, these days, there are no dragons to fight, but a thing like that doesn’t stop him, as he drags his squire on one adventure after another… Maybe you’ve heard about his story? I believe that playing with the children in these new countries will be my own a big adventure!





My trip to Hungary!

This week I travelled to the country named Hungary. I had a short stay in the capital city Budapest where I found a nice statue of somebody on a kick-scooter. I was allowed to take a small ride along. You can see it in the picture. That sure was fun! Always nice to see people using sustainable modes. Especially when I can join them. Later on, I visited a place named Szentendre and met the people who will start the Traffic Snake Game in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary. Ah, and if you want to know something typical Hungarian:  I had a meal called ‘Goulash’. This is a famous soup or stew of meat, noodles and vegetables, seasoned with paprika and other spices. My new Hungarian friends really wanted to have me on a photo as well. They were really friendly. I look forward in meeting all the children in these countries as well!




First visit in Leuven, Belgium


I’m Travis! I’m travelling all around Europe to visit my fellow snakes and schools playing the Traffic Snake Game. Today I went to the city of Leuven. Leuven is located in Flanders (Belgium). Mobiel 21 organises the Traffic Snake (Sam de Verkeersslang in Dutch) there for the sixth school year  for more than 1000 schools. This is almost 50 percent of all schools in Flanders! Today the campaign was launched and I was invited. Some school children  spoke towards the city representatives who were attending the launch event. Children of 10 schools plead for safer walking and cycling routes towards their schools, so that everybody can easily walk or cycle to school. At the same time I met some fantastic children and we had some great photo-moments:

DSC_0682 DSC_0683 DSC_0688

Soon I’ll travel to other European countries, to see how you guys are doing. Hope to see you soon!