Next stop: Madrid!

Busy weeks, as I already had another travel. Now I spend some time in Madrid, the beautiful capital of Spain. Together with the people that will spread the Traffic Snake Game further in Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Portugal and Spain itself I tried some Gazpacho. This is a soup made of raw vegetables (lots of tomatoes) and served cold. Yummie! I visited a train station that huge plants, even trees inside the building and there were a lot of turtles in the water at that place! We also had a look at the statue of Don Quixote. Do you know him? It is a very old and famous story by Cervantes. Don Quixote thinks he’s a knight, just like in the days of old – he even has a squire. Of course, these days, there are no dragons to fight, but a thing like that doesn’t stop him, as he drags his squire on one adventure after another… Maybe you’ve heard about his story? I believe that playing with the children in these new countries will be my own a big adventure!






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