Busy times in Lithuania

This week I travelled to the city Kaunas in Lithuania, one of the Baltic states. Kaunas is situated on the confluence of the two biggest rivers of Lithuania: Nemunas and Neris! The city has many universities, high schools and a 1,6 km pedestrian alley with a bike path. Nowadays the Kaunas cyclist can use only 60 km of bike paths, but it will grow up to 150 km in the future.

Kaunas is a nice town, however  I was quite busy: I was invited to the Kaunas City municipality to introduce myself. The atmosphere of the meeting was very nice, despite the amount of serious people that were present!  I made such an impression that I was immediately invited to give a stand presentation at the event in autumn (on  24-25 September 2014 Kaunas will host event of World Health Organisation Transport, Health Environment Pan-European Program (http://www.euro.who.int/)). Looks like I will be back in Lithuania soon. Wish me good luck !

2014-06-04 14 48 23 2014-06-04 14 27 48


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