My first TV interview

After my two day trip in the Czech Republic, I went to Brasov in Romania. Some schools were playing the Traffic Snake Game during my time there and I paid them a visit immediately after my arrival. They were all so kind and excited to meet me. I was glad to meet my brother, Oscar the Romanian Traffic Snake there too.

Brasov is a beautiful city, situated in the centre of Romania, surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains. Having a charming old centre with medieval history and German influences, Brasov is exciting because it provides an interesting mix between the attractive site of Tampa Mountain and the dynamic modern part of the city. I visited Brasov ZOO, one of the most beautiful zoos in Romania, sheltering a great variety of species of animals, most of them domestic. This was such a fun experience. And I even got my moment of fame back there. While visiting the TSG schools in Brasov, I was interviewed by the local TV channel. I told them that I am visiting every country where schools are playing TSG and how excited I am to meet all those children and my younger brothers in those countries.

2 Romenia

For Romania, I had something special in mind as well. We offered all the children postcards with the salute of each country involved in the campaign, asking them to send it to a close friend in order to tell the story of the game and their nice experiences. Some of them even promised to send their postcard to Oscar, to let him know what great results they have obtained while playing the Traffic Snake Game.

3 Romenia


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