Hello from sunny Slovenia

Finally I arrived in Slovenia! First I visited the elementary school Osnovna šola I Murska Sobota (Northeast part of Slovenia). You can not imagine how happy the children were! They said they like the Traffic Snake Game and that they would like to play it next year as well.

slovenia 1

And they said that Travis is soft, long and friendly, because he does not bite!

slovania 2

The school supports the Traffic Snake Game. Especially now the game has come to an end and the schools achieved excellent results. One of the teachers Marianne Kuzmič is also fascinated by Travis and the Traffic Snake Game.

slovania 3

Marianne told us that the school already played the Deluxe version of the game: the school invited road safety professionals, like policemen, who instructed younger children how to safely cross the road, and they also introduced the use of public transport to older children and prepared them for a cycling test.

slovania 4

Marianne is particularly proud of her class because it has achieved the best results in the school. She walks to the school or shares car with others who are driving in the direction of the school. As a reward after the game she took her pupils to the children playground in a nearby park, where they could play, and they also participated in the traffic as pedestrians on their way to the park.

The school experienced a positive response from parents who were for two weeks completely serious about the Traffic Snake Game. Some of them immediately bought safety helmets for their children and they even follow the Traffic Snake Game rules today.

Soon some more news from my trip to Slovania!



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