Second part of my stay in sLOVEnia

Hi all,

I’m back in Belgium but would like to tell you how the second part of my visit in lovely Slovenia went.

At the end of November I traveled around in the city of Ljutomer, where I visited Kindergarten Ljutomer and where I met a family that uses bicycles to travel to the school. I ended my visit in Martjanci, where the Slovenian organisers of the Traffic Snake Game have their office.

Look, this is Jakob and Polona:

slovenia 1

They travel to school by bicycle or in a trailer attached to the bicycle. This is what they told me: “Riding in a trailer is fun and quick, the path goes up the hill first and then downhill really fast. Wow! we drove so quickly that my hair is a mess :)!”

Children from the Kindergarten Ljutomer were very happy to see me. In two years, when they will go the elementary school, they will play the Traffic Snake Game as well

slovania 5

At the kindergarten, I crawled in the morning circle and all the chilldren wanted to pat me and talk to me. They saw my passport and found out where I came from and wanted to know more about my home.

slovanie 6

Then I went for a walk with the kids. Each one of them wanted to hold me which I didn’t mind! We were an attraction when they walked with me through the city. The adults and passers-by were also entertained.

slovania 7

Then I was served lunch in the kindergarten so I was not hungry anymore.

slovani 9

I also visited the older children, who at that time had an English lesson. I was very happy because I understood everything. Take a look at what we learned – Video 1 and Video 2.

slovania 10

The three days in the kindergarten passed very fast. The children hope I will come back some day and that I will recognise them and remember their names. Which of course I will!

I ended my stay visiting the Slovanian NFP office. All the colleagues of Katja (person left on the picture) were verry pleased and happy to meet me. They follow the results of the campaign and also encourage new schools to join the campaign.

slovani 11

Then Damir showed me an E-Bike, which they give to businesses, engaged in delivery of goods. Whaaauw, we went fast, withouth much effort.

slovani 12

And now I am already back in my homeland – Belgium.

Next stop: Austria!


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