Snow in Austria!

Finally I arrived in the land of mountains, skiing and Mozart: Austria! During my stay here in the middle of Europe, I learned many things about this country.

I arrived in Graz, a city in the south of Austria. Matthias and Margit took me on a journey to the capital of Austria, Vienna. That was really exciting. I travelled by bike, by train and by subway.


Finally we arrived at the Vienna town hall. I think I was the first snake ever that entered this amazing building. Inside we met a lot of teachers from different schools. All of them where very interested in the traffic snake game. I was very proud to be a TSG ambassador.


By the end of the day we had established a lot of contacts. When we travelled back to our home destination Graz, I was tired but very happy !

A few days later I got on the move again. This time we went to Salzburg, the hometown of Mozart. On our way to Salzburg I saw many mountains, and also a little bit of snow.


But the most exciting trip was our visit to a school that was actually playing the TSG. I was soooo exited to finally meet children from Austria. When we arrived at the school, they were waiting for me. As a welcome they sang the TSG Song. I was so happy and proud! I visited a few classes, and said hello to many children. We were all  very excited and I had to answer many questions about my travel throughout Europe. Then suddenly a TV Channel and a photographer arrived at the school! They wanted to make a short report on the traffic snake game in Salzburg. All 70 Children sang  TSG Song for the television! There was also  a city politician and he was very happy that so many children came to school in a sustainable way!

4  5

At the end of the day we arrived back home in Graz. Me and my host Matthias were sitting on  the couch, tired, and then….. I saw myself on television!!!!

Austria was fun, and I made many good friends! Now I am looking forward to go home to Leuven again and meet my family there!

Ps: don’t forget to join the Christmas contest!


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