Dancing in Bulgaria

Hi there my dear traffic snakers! After a long holiday with the amazing winning school in the Czech Republic (photos of this amazing adventure will follow later!), I’m in Bulgaria now– see if you can spot it on the world map. Go on, have a go.

I visited a lot of schools in Bulgaria and I met many children who walked and cycled a lot to school. Today I visited a great school in Varna were more than 200 pupils are playing my game, so great! In the whole country pupils are walking and cycling a lot, from 66% car trips to school in the beginning, they dropped to 16% after the game. I’m so proud of the Bulgarian children.

Especially for my visit the pupils organized a Dance Tournament. Wooow, these girls can dance! I also tried to move on the music, but I wasn’t as good as them, it was really a great show!

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