Travis en Français!

Bonjours mes amis!

I’m back in Belgium these weeks and more precisely in Wallonia. That is the predominantly French-speaking southern region of Belgium. My host this time is Empreintes asbl, some cool guys who are coordinating the Traffic Snake Game in Wallonia!

I had so much fun, I did a lot of fun things together with all the kids:

We’ve played a game to learn all about the mobility issue (I won, obviously).


We’ve made an animation to identify the path and the mode of transport use by the kids to go to school. It was really cool to see the result at the end. Now the children can walk or cycle together to school or convince their parents to carpool.


We also produced a model of the school area and went out to identify the infrastructures in the school area. That was a lot of fun, did you already try to stand with all the children of your class in one bus stop? I was squeezzzed.

16828875636_e1e5a2768c_z 16505637257_ca02587540_z

And what’s really interesting: at the end of this program, the kids involved in this project will meet parents and locals authorities to identify actions to improve safety and comfort on the road to school. How cool is that? I hope that their parents will be convinced as well, to come by bike or on foot to school!

I will miss you guys, you kids were awesome. But also a little bit crazy. Check this out:


A bientôt !


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