Nantes, Rome and Brno in one month

Last month I visited three amazing cities. In each city a regional training workshop for the national campaign organisers took place. Each city was so special. In each city I met the campaign organisers, and we suggested things to improve the campaign, like the new smartboard application. The highlights:

Innantes Nantes (France) the first regional workshops took place. Did you know that Nantes’ most common nickname is the Venice of the West? A name referring to its position on the river delta of the Loire, the Erdre and the Sèvre.





In Rome (Italy) we visited the Colosseum. The Colosseum was the sports stadium in the ancient Rome, it was the site of most of the gladiatorial contests.  In these contests men fought other men or wild animals (no, not snakes,you silly!). To the Romans, seeing animals killed in the Colosseum was entertaining. Plus, admission was free and anyone could attend. The Colosseum was built of concrete and stone and is still fairly intact even today.


In Brno (Czech Republic) we went to the old town hall. It has a legendary Gothic portal with a crooked turret. The rumour has it that the stone master was not paid for the portal of the Old Town Hall and therefore he intentionally crooked the central turret in the portal. The passage is “inhabited” by the famous crocodil , beloved symbol of the city of Brno. What great route to walk to school this is! In Brno we celebrated Leea’s Birthday, she is the national organiser of TSG In Romania. Congratulations!

20150429_180750 20150429_181250

Next stop will be Slovenia!