Towards 100% sustainable trips?!

Hi guysss

I’m again in lovely Slovenia. This time I was hosted by primary school Ivan Cankar from Ljutomer. This school is a forerunner  working on the promotion of active mobility. The Municipality of Ljutomer reconstructed roads and pathways that leads to this school. Now the road to the school is completely closed for cars. They are reaching the level of 94% sustainable trips. By playing the TSG, they want to achieve the maximum of 100% sustainable trips!

First the pupils introduced me to how they carry out a theoretical online cycling exam . Only when they pass the test, they can perform the practical examination.


All classes are involved in Traffic Snake Game. Both junior and senior pupils played the game and I found out that all loved the game, even the older pupils.



We posed in front of the banner. That day all classes achieved their goal! Well done!


Wow, look at me where I am. Ready for the traffic parcours. Let’s see how good the children can bike and if they are already capable to bike alone on the road.


Here I was resting in shopping cart while my cyclist manoeuvred between the bollards. She did it very well!


The youngest pupils showed me the small traffic parcours with the many traffic signs made by the pupils themselves.


The coordinator of TSG in the school is Marjeta Kuhar. She is the driving force for the campaign and extremly enthusiastic about sustainable mobility. Thanks to her the game is so successful in the school.


Find out on the school page whether the school managed to achieve 100% sustainable trips!

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