A bunny on a bike!

Hi all, I recently was in France again. Did you know that “vélo” is French word for “bicycle”? That’s good to know, because the city of Nantes just hosted “Velo-city 2015”. That was a 4-day event and regarded as a very important meeting to talk about bicycles and promoting cycling. More than thousand people from all over the world were there. Naturally, I met a lot of French people, but I also met people from Japan, Brazil, Canada, Taiwan… Maybe I will visit them one day. Have you ever been in those countries? I haven’t…






But I feel very lucky travelling in Europe. I especially like visiting schools that play my game. But this trip in Nantes was nice as well. I had several pictures taken, just see. The first one shows you our promotion stand that people visited. This way more cities and schools become aware that we have a great game and campaign to offer.

In the second one you see me trying out Nantes’ bicycle sharing system “Bicloo”. I wanted to be sure the basket was comfortable enough. You see, there was a big cycling parade. How big? BIG! More than 7.000 people on bikes joined for a great trip through Nantes. And I was there as well. You see a picture of the crowd I was with. Well, part of it, because they did not all fit in the photo. And some of the bikes were pretty weird… I also met a bunny on a bike that joined the parade! Isn’t that crazy? But that was not the only amazing thing I have seen.

The last day, I even met an elephant that was 12 meters high and 8 meters wide. As big as a house! And there were people on top of it making a walk in the park. Don’t believe me? Just look at the last picture. No, it was not a real elephant, it was made out of wood and steel. But still: quite impressive! You see, if you walk and bike, you come across some wonderful things. Let me know what you meet along the road!

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