Memories… Earth Day in Czech Republic

Hi all

I forgot to share this..

On the 22th of April, I visited the Earth Day in the city of Ostrava. A lot of Ostrava primary schools attended this event, where they could try various activities related to environmental and global education. The team from CDV prepared a stand dedicated to the Traffic Snake Game, where teachers got information about the TSG and how their school can join this game. Pupils tried to go through our snake slalom with a scarf over their eyes. They tried as well to paint correctly traffic signs. Children really liked these activities – the stand was crowded with them throughout the event! They got small rewards for correct fulfillment of these activities – traffic memory game, coloring book or a bicycle bell.



Another Earth Day celebration took place in the city of Brno on the 25th of April. About 5 500 children and parents attended this event, where various activities and initiatives in the field of sustainable life was presented. CDV prepared a TSG stand with similar activities like in Ostrava. In addition, children and parents could learn more about first aid.