Memories… Earth Day in Czech Republic

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I forgot to share this..

On the 22th of April, I visited the Earth Day in the city of Ostrava. A lot of Ostrava primary schools attended this event, where they could try various activities related to environmental and global education. The team from CDV prepared a stand dedicated to the Traffic Snake Game, where teachers got information about the TSG and how their school can join this game. Pupils tried to go through our snake slalom with a scarf over their eyes. They tried as well to paint correctly traffic signs. Children really liked these activities – the stand was crowded with them throughout the event! They got small rewards for correct fulfillment of these activities – traffic memory game, coloring book or a bicycle bell.



Another Earth Day celebration took place in the city of Brno on the 25th of April. About 5 500 children and parents attended this event, where various activities and initiatives in the field of sustainable life was presented. CDV prepared a TSG stand with similar activities like in Ostrava. In addition, children and parents could learn more about first aid.


A bunny on a bike!

Hi all, I recently was in France again. Did you know that “vélo” is French word for “bicycle”? That’s good to know, because the city of Nantes just hosted “Velo-city 2015”. That was a 4-day event and regarded as a very important meeting to talk about bicycles and promoting cycling. More than thousand people from all over the world were there. Naturally, I met a lot of French people, but I also met people from Japan, Brazil, Canada, Taiwan… Maybe I will visit them one day. Have you ever been in those countries? I haven’t…






But I feel very lucky travelling in Europe. I especially like visiting schools that play my game. But this trip in Nantes was nice as well. I had several pictures taken, just see. The first one shows you our promotion stand that people visited. This way more cities and schools become aware that we have a great game and campaign to offer.

In the second one you see me trying out Nantes’ bicycle sharing system “Bicloo”. I wanted to be sure the basket was comfortable enough. You see, there was a big cycling parade. How big? BIG! More than 7.000 people on bikes joined for a great trip through Nantes. And I was there as well. You see a picture of the crowd I was with. Well, part of it, because they did not all fit in the photo. And some of the bikes were pretty weird… I also met a bunny on a bike that joined the parade! Isn’t that crazy? But that was not the only amazing thing I have seen.

The last day, I even met an elephant that was 12 meters high and 8 meters wide. As big as a house! And there were people on top of it making a walk in the park. Don’t believe me? Just look at the last picture. No, it was not a real elephant, it was made out of wood and steel. But still: quite impressive! You see, if you walk and bike, you come across some wonderful things. Let me know what you meet along the road!

Towards 100% sustainable trips?!

Hi guysss

I’m again in lovely Slovenia. This time I was hosted by primary school Ivan Cankar from Ljutomer. This school is a forerunner  working on the promotion of active mobility. The Municipality of Ljutomer reconstructed roads and pathways that leads to this school. Now the road to the school is completely closed for cars. They are reaching the level of 94% sustainable trips. By playing the TSG, they want to achieve the maximum of 100% sustainable trips!

First the pupils introduced me to how they carry out a theoretical online cycling exam . Only when they pass the test, they can perform the practical examination.


All classes are involved in Traffic Snake Game. Both junior and senior pupils played the game and I found out that all loved the game, even the older pupils.



We posed in front of the banner. That day all classes achieved their goal! Well done!


Wow, look at me where I am. Ready for the traffic parcours. Let’s see how good the children can bike and if they are already capable to bike alone on the road.


Here I was resting in shopping cart while my cyclist manoeuvred between the bollards. She did it very well!


The youngest pupils showed me the small traffic parcours with the many traffic signs made by the pupils themselves.


The coordinator of TSG in the school is Marjeta Kuhar. She is the driving force for the campaign and extremly enthusiastic about sustainable mobility. Thanks to her the game is so successful in the school.


Find out on the school page whether the school managed to achieve 100% sustainable trips!

Nantes, Rome and Brno in one month

Last month I visited three amazing cities. In each city a regional training workshop for the national campaign organisers took place. Each city was so special. In each city I met the campaign organisers, and we suggested things to improve the campaign, like the new smartboard application. The highlights:

Innantes Nantes (France) the first regional workshops took place. Did you know that Nantes’ most common nickname is the Venice of the West? A name referring to its position on the river delta of the Loire, the Erdre and the Sèvre.





In Rome (Italy) we visited the Colosseum. The Colosseum was the sports stadium in the ancient Rome, it was the site of most of the gladiatorial contests.  In these contests men fought other men or wild animals (no, not snakes,you silly!). To the Romans, seeing animals killed in the Colosseum was entertaining. Plus, admission was free and anyone could attend. The Colosseum was built of concrete and stone and is still fairly intact even today.


In Brno (Czech Republic) we went to the old town hall. It has a legendary Gothic portal with a crooked turret. The rumour has it that the stone master was not paid for the portal of the Old Town Hall and therefore he intentionally crooked the central turret in the portal. The passage is “inhabited” by the famous crocodil , beloved symbol of the city of Brno. What great route to walk to school this is! In Brno we celebrated Leea’s Birthday, she is the national organiser of TSG In Romania. Congratulations!

20150429_180750 20150429_181250

Next stop will be Slovenia!

Travis en Français!

Bonjours mes amis!

I’m back in Belgium these weeks and more precisely in Wallonia. That is the predominantly French-speaking southern region of Belgium. My host this time is Empreintes asbl, some cool guys who are coordinating the Traffic Snake Game in Wallonia!

I had so much fun, I did a lot of fun things together with all the kids:

We’ve played a game to learn all about the mobility issue (I won, obviously).


We’ve made an animation to identify the path and the mode of transport use by the kids to go to school. It was really cool to see the result at the end. Now the children can walk or cycle together to school or convince their parents to carpool.


We also produced a model of the school area and went out to identify the infrastructures in the school area. That was a lot of fun, did you already try to stand with all the children of your class in one bus stop? I was squeezzzed.

16828875636_e1e5a2768c_z 16505637257_ca02587540_z

And what’s really interesting: at the end of this program, the kids involved in this project will meet parents and locals authorities to identify actions to improve safety and comfort on the road to school. How cool is that? I hope that their parents will be convinced as well, to come by bike or on foot to school!

I will miss you guys, you kids were awesome. But also a little bit crazy. Check this out:


A bientôt !


Travis and his giant (recycable) brother



Something very peculiar happened in the Romanian Municipality of Bistriţa! A giant snake took over the City Centre, celebrating the international „Car Free Day” on the 22nd of September!  He looks just like me, that must be my big brother Oscar! Can you see those surprised looks from the citizens?

Camera Uploads

The Mascot of OSCAR, the Romanian Traffic Snake, was developed by Bistriţa Municipality together with Radu HANGAN and Paul TÂRZIU, both teachers at „Corneliu BABA” Arts High School from Bistriţa, a Traffic Snake playing school.

Travis plastic bottles

During 16-19 September 2014, Bistriţa Municipality distributed 200 plastic bags within the 7 schools playing the Traffic Snake Game, running a small collecting campaign called “One empty plastic bottle for the Traffic Snake!”. OSCAR, the Romanian Snake, was designed out of 150 bags full of PETs, having a length of over 25m. It was created and built by 50 high school students, this action being as stated by the two coordinating teachers, the first integrative workshop for the 9th grade freshmen. At the end of the Traffic Snake Game Campaign, the plastic bottles were taken to a local recycling centre.

Oh I’m  so happy that the Romanian children helped my giant brother grow so big! Congratulations!
By the way, did you know that 7554 pupils in 56 Romanian schools from 13 different cities played the Traffic Snake Game? They sure are doing a good job!

Dancing in Bulgaria

Hi there my dear traffic snakers! After a long holiday with the amazing winning school in the Czech Republic (photos of this amazing adventure will follow later!), I’m in Bulgaria now– see if you can spot it on the world map. Go on, have a go.

I visited a lot of schools in Bulgaria and I met many children who walked and cycled a lot to school. Today I visited a great school in Varna were more than 200 pupils are playing my game, so great! In the whole country pupils are walking and cycling a lot, from 66% car trips to school in the beginning, they dropped to 16% after the game. I’m so proud of the Bulgarian children.

Especially for my visit the pupils organized a Dance Tournament. Wooow, these girls can dance! I also tried to move on the music, but I wasn’t as good as them, it was really a great show!

TSN_delux03 def

Snow in Austria!

Finally I arrived in the land of mountains, skiing and Mozart: Austria! During my stay here in the middle of Europe, I learned many things about this country.

I arrived in Graz, a city in the south of Austria. Matthias and Margit took me on a journey to the capital of Austria, Vienna. That was really exciting. I travelled by bike, by train and by subway.


Finally we arrived at the Vienna town hall. I think I was the first snake ever that entered this amazing building. Inside we met a lot of teachers from different schools. All of them where very interested in the traffic snake game. I was very proud to be a TSG ambassador.


By the end of the day we had established a lot of contacts. When we travelled back to our home destination Graz, I was tired but very happy !

A few days later I got on the move again. This time we went to Salzburg, the hometown of Mozart. On our way to Salzburg I saw many mountains, and also a little bit of snow.


But the most exciting trip was our visit to a school that was actually playing the TSG. I was soooo exited to finally meet children from Austria. When we arrived at the school, they were waiting for me. As a welcome they sang the TSG Song. I was so happy and proud! I visited a few classes, and said hello to many children. We were all  very excited and I had to answer many questions about my travel throughout Europe. Then suddenly a TV Channel and a photographer arrived at the school! They wanted to make a short report on the traffic snake game in Salzburg. All 70 Children sang  TSG Song for the television! There was also  a city politician and he was very happy that so many children came to school in a sustainable way!

4  5

At the end of the day we arrived back home in Graz. Me and my host Matthias were sitting on  the couch, tired, and then….. I saw myself on television!!!!

Austria was fun, and I made many good friends! Now I am looking forward to go home to Leuven again and meet my family there!

Ps: don’t forget to join the Christmas contest!

Ho, ho, ho!

Hi there!

Did you enjoy reading my adventures in Rome, Czech Republic, Lithuania,…so far? I’m still enjoying and thinking of all the amazing things I experienced, wonderful people I met and great places I went. But with Christmas and New Year around the corner, I’m still doubting where I should go for the holidays. I don’t know which country, city, school or family to choose! So that’s why I will hold a competition.

Make a nice, cool or funny picture or drawing around your local Traffic Snake and email it before the 16th of December to We will post the best ones on this blog and the school of my favourite picture or drawing will get a visit from me during the holidays! So come on, what are you waiting for?! Ho, ho, ho!


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